Other places I visited on my way home

Rennes France

Reminded me of Shropshire and Chester back home with its half timbered buildings.

Toulouse France

The light reflecting through the stained glass window was amazing how it reflected onto the walls and pillars of the building.

Girona Spain.

I loved this old town it took two days to really explore it, with lots of steps up and down.

Salvador Dali’s house in Cadaques Spain.

I finally remembered the name of the place. I took plenty of other images of the inside of the house, but was not over all impressed.

I will continue tomorrow showing the rest of the places I visited as the internet is not so good here and I don’t want to loose all that I have done so far.

So for now over and out…


Bumping into old travel friends


Going back to Spain about six weeks ago on my way back home I called at a Spanish sea side in Peniscola when I heard a french voice shouting “Juni Juni” and to my surprise there was some people Jack Evelyn and Wilma Whom I had met up with way back in Opresso. We had a great evening together sharing a drink and having a good catch up and a laugh.

From there I continued around the Med and headed toward Rosa where I met with Gaby Ela a lovely lady who was also travelling solo we spent a good couple of days together and took a boat trip to the place where Salvador Dali’s house is but I could not pronounce the name of the place so there for I can not tell you where it was, just that it took two hours by boat, but never the less it was a great day.P1000895

Now making my way back home.

I am having to cut my European trip short due to having some discomfort in my poor leg but mainly due to the vision in my left eye deteriorating to a blur. I need to get back home and sort it out.

Sadly had to instruct the estate agents to give two months notice to the tenants, that commenced on the 1st of March 2018.

Once home having sorted out my health problems I hope to sell the house and buy a smaller home for myself and the dogs, looking at north to mid wales, but it could end up being anywhere.

I am feeling a little apprehensive about returning back home, as I fear my emotions.

At the moment my grieving process for the loss of Roger has on several occasions raised its head throughout my journey, making me feel tearful, lost and very much alone at times, unsure about what to do or where to go next. I know that I have to allow myself those times, then pick myself up, brush myself down and carry on.

I fear that the rawness may come flooding back, and how I will deal with it.

So I think getting myself a short term part time job will not only help in this area but will also help out financially so as not to rely on my savings.

Once I have settled into a new home and brought a smaller much faster motorhome then I intend to carry on with my European exploration. Maybe two or three months at a time as opposed to ten months, so that’s the plan so far.

But until then I have to make my way back, so I have to travel back along the Mediterranean as my plans to travel back through Portugal have been scuppered by the terrible weather conditions that Portugal has had to endure, plus its a little warmer along the Med…

Italica Roman City Santaponce

The Italica Roman city is just North of Seville in Santaponce it was founded in 206 BC by Publius Cornelius and was the birth place of three Roman emperors, Hadrian, Trajan and possibly Theodosius.

For those Game of Thrones fans you might find it interesting to know that part of Season 7 it was filmed in the Amphitheatre .

The Amphitheatre would of sat up to 25.000 spectators in its day, the central pits were used to cage bears and wild boars during Gladiatorial combats.

There are a number of  large mosaics that have been excavated, some with well preserved colours and a variety of images of birds, Neptune and the planets.

Over all it was a very interesting two hours.

Within the next couple of days I hope to be visiting the Roman ruins of Merida about one and a half hours North of Santaponce.


Bolonia Roman ruins are in the Cadiz province, Andalucia, Spain. the Ruins are of a Roman town called Baelo Claudia and is situated on the costa de la Luz some 15km north of Tarifa next to the small village of Bolonia, it’s history lies in the trade routes serving Europe and North Africa.

The ruins show that there was a large fishing and salting factory in progress in its day, there is a clear image of the salting pits. Other images show the forum and the basilica with many colums intact. There is plenty more to be seen at the ruins but at the time, I arrived there the site was closed so all images were taken from over the fence, but never the less very impressive.

During the Empire of Emperor Claudia (14-45 AD ) Baelo apparently supplied the whole Roman Empire with (garum) fish past..

The ruins over look the Atlantic Ocean with a high rising hills to the rear, to the right of the ruins there is a large sand dune partly engulfing the trees.




The battle of Trafalgar took place in the Atlantic Ocean on the 21st October 1805 with France and Spain on one side and Lord Horatio Nelson and the British fleet on the other.

The battle took place near Cape Trafalgar, the cape is a piece of land sticking out into the sea. The battle was fought between Cadiz and the Staits of Gibralter it was one of the most important battles of the 19th century.

Here are some images of the Cape;

The cape is now a popular spot for surfers.