Cambrils to Opreso

Cambrils was a little nicer than Calafell, but in my mind not a lot of difference, where as Opreso was very nice, it was in Opreso that I met Chris and Pier a married couple of guys, we had quite a good laugh especially when Herrod and his wife, her sister and his brother in law joined us for a quiet drink by my van. They all pulled up their table and chairs, then the drinks started flowing, each with their own special tipple to share with everyone Well needless to say we all had one to many over the top, but had such a laugh, it was particularly funny when Chris and Pier locked themselves out of their van… Anyway here are a few images from Opreso


2 thoughts on “Cambrils to Opreso

  1. Been to Cambrils about 45 years ago with Paul and the boys, it was just a fishing village then. I’ve made a comment to all your blogs today having been away over the last 3 weeks. Look back over old blogs if you want my comments. I miss you but am so glad you are at last achieving a long wish to do this. Enjoy the journey – wishes don’t often come true Remember you have friends in higher places always looking after you. ……Chris…………


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